Dysport (Reloxin) 300 IU


Dysport is most commonly used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin, usually caused by aging. Even though such skin blemishes are caused by a natural life process, they can leave permanent damage and scars. This product has a high success rate for eliminating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles which is why it is no surprise that it is one of our top sellers! Dysport (Reloxin) creates a comfortable atmosphere for the consumer during the procedure because it stimulates the muscles into temporary paralysis, giving the area a clean injection of enhancers for a more natural look. The wrinkles and fine lines disappear from the skins surface accordingly! In recent studies, Dysport has also been used to successfully alleviate symptoms of back pain, spasms, as well as overactive bladders. Just as its alternative, this product can also be used to eliminate the physical appearance of overactive sweat glands.



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