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A great amount of people persistently spend a lot of time every day training in gyms to achieve bigger muscles and a healthier overall state. Athletes do this to enhance their stamina, raise their strength and improve their performance. However, besides all these good-looking athletes there is also a number of people out there (not only athletes) who also want to know how they can improve their health and build muscles to look better.

Making Body Work Harder and Harder

In fact, even the healthiest body may attain its peak in training, so working harder becomes almost impossible. Particularly, what can limit our capacity to achieve the muscle’s best work is the quantity of oxygen that gets into the muscle’s tissues during the workout.

This makes a group of scientists research how people can achieve the maximum work of their bodies during workouts. One drug especially attracts the attention since it can raise the amount of oxygen being delivered into the muscles – it is the Innovagen ITPP (Myo-Inositol TrisPyroPhosphate).

The Studies Behind Innovagen ITPP

Myo-Inositol TrisPyroPhosphate was mentioned for the first time in a scientific description by chemist Konstantin Fylaktakidou from ISIS-Université Louis Pasteur and it was published in Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry ten years ago. Laboratory research had proven that this compound is a synthetic allosteric effector of hemoglobin. As a result it may reach a red blood cell (RBC) to take out oxygen and to make it accessible to the muscles.

Myo-Inositol TrisPyroPhosphate does not factually provide or raise the oxygen to the muscles. In fact, the pre-workout additive improves the capacity of the hemoglobin in the red blood cells to do this. The raised amount of oxygen gives an opportunity to improve muscular performance rapidly and strongly.

Increasing the Workout Levels

Studies in animals, to be more precise in mice, in the laboratory had shown that ITPP increased the energy and workout levels by 60 percent. The study was carried out by Jean-Marie Lehn, an expert in the special field of Supramolecular Chemistry, the test mice with unhealthy hearts drank water with Innovagen ITPP.

In normal conditions, without use of the drug, hemoglobin releases only 25 percent of its oxygen. Intake of ITPP water blend caused in raise of subjects’ workout abilities by 35 percent. One more fact is that the 60% increase in exercise ability was found in mice when the allosteric effector was administered subcutaneously.

ITPP Usage in Physical Trainings

Lehn’s study showed Innovagen ITPP enhances the workout quality of those people who suffered from coronary problems. This drug shows significant results in oncology since raised oxygen means better influence on cancer treatments. In neurology, oxygen increase can reduce the effects of brain problems such as dementia.

Nowadays, Innovagen ITPP is prohibited for competitive endurance athletes since it may lead to unfair results among their competitors. However, those who just want to improve their bodies and health may still use Innovagen ITPP. There are a lot of reports on how this drug is used in bodybuilding and how a single dose can maintain for a long period of time performance-improving impacts. Lehn claimed that anyone who wants to use it should know that the ITPP dose is in the range of 1g and 2g per week. Innovagen ITPP minimum advised dose constitutes 600mg administered 2 hours before the training.


Myo-Inositol TrisPyroPhosphate was detected in post use blood up to six hours. The peak concentration is achieved at five min post intake. In urine, ITPP was detected up to 24 hours post intake. The peak concentration was achieved at 1.5 h post intake.



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