Perlane with Lidocaine 1ml


Perlane or Restylane Perlane as it is more commonly called is used by the medical community to reduce the signs of aging on the skin as well as to increase the natural hydration process in the body. Gibson Medical Outlet offers Perlane with Lidocaine which is used by different doctors to decrease the gap between fine lines and wrinkles on the facial area. Perlane with Lidocaine is packaged in individual 1ml pre-filled syringes. This is most commonly used in corrective facial procedures such as lip enhancements, crater removal and of course, warding off those fine lines and wrinkles. Perlane with Lidocaine has become one of the most popular methods of corrective facial wrinkle and blemish procedures amongst consumers since it combines the local anesthesia lidocaine with the corrective cosmetic fillers. This reduces the amount of injections per visit as well as the length of procedure. Perlane with Lidocaine is manufactured by Q-Med in Europe.



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